Conversation by Tia Voth

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"Do you see angels?"
"Are they pretty?"
"They're gorgeous"
"Have you tried to grab onto one?"
"A couple time but I always slip"
"The next pretty angel you see, grab on. Don't let go"
"I will don't worry"
"I will be right back"
And I never got to go back. That day still haunts me. How I want to go back and go back to you.
You taught me never to say goodbye, how it's too final and even through death we will one day meet again.
Even through the pain you never once understood why we cried. You taught me life lessons, and never will you be forgotten.
Now you're wife's health is failing and I get to see her one final time, and we'll reminisce about that summer that I learned about life.
Through you and your family I learned to love and to never forget, never forget the ones who once made you smile...