A Thousand Years by Keiron Tonge

Songs of seas and songs of time,
I値l write you a song but this ones mine.
A thousand years were spent in vain,
I saw the sights from Singapore to Spain.

A sacred lie beneath the eyes,
Another one wakes as the last one dies.
You値l never grow old and you値l never learn,
But I値l love you as long as your fire heart burns.

A thousand songs sung by haunted lips,
Singing of the forests and the lonesome trips.
Standing by the fens as the marsh light glows,
The secrets of the fire well God alone knows.

The hour glass sands flowing backwards at a whim,
It値l be a good long time before the breach grows slim.
I値l set aside the time to tell a story to you,
It値l take a thousand years but I swear to God its true.

The beginnings long gone and the ends not reached,
There痴 a prince and a maid and a love beseeched.
If you値l settle for a minstrel and a poor one at that,
Then maybe I can move you from the place you池e sat.

I値l cut the suspense and I値l cut the rhyme,
I could have told a tale for you but this ones mine.
This story痴 ours and together we値l end,
I値l take this story with me to the bitterest end.

It痴 a story that I hope値l take a thousand years,
So once again dear will you pick up your ears.
I値l make up this story as I go along,
I値l try and make it honest, don稚 correct if I知 wrong

I could travel evermore with a thousand years to spare,
I壇 travel with you dear if I ever did dare.
I壇 be taking you with me down that long winding line,
I said I壇 write you a song dear but this ones mine.

-because both the past and the future are uncertain-

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