I LOVE YOU by Erwin Quah

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I've shared

so many wonderful moments with you.

You who took my heart captive

on the first day we met.

And ever since then

I have been numb to any pain.

With your kisses you took my breath away

and then you left me breathless.

You gave meaning to my life

When life itself seemed meaningless

Every day that I can look at your face

is a day to add to my memory book.

You're there to hold, to kiss

To share my deepest hopes and dreams with.

I thank God every single day

for letting me find you,

for guiding me to your path.

Those corny movie lines never really work

but you really do make me want to be a better man.

You've changed my life,

you've touched me, made me real.

I was afraid that I'd be lost without you,

but I know I'll never have to worry about that

because no matter what, you'll always find me

and I'll always have you.

In the midst of our sadness,

lives our love.

No greater amount than the one I can offer

but no less than the one you've shared with me.


and I know I always will

Even as your life slowly slips away from me

And I find myself alone once more