The Old Sod by Jim McGurrin

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I walk along the sidewalk past a vacant lot
Dirt exposed with tufts of grass on this city block
Immediately my mind calms down from the daily grind
And I wish with all my heart I could pause and just lay down

I steel my will and walk on past with one last lingering glance
Iím on my way to somewhere fast, just wish I had a hint
Of why that spot of patch worn earth calls to me so strong
And why I leave to enclose myself in steel and glass pretense

For as far back as I can recall before even grade school
Whenever I see a patch of grass, say a rolling bit of hill
I lose my sense of self and feel only a calling urge
To go lie down upon my back, stare into sky, and merge

With what I never had a clue but it feels like coming home
Mother earth, the clouds, the air we breath, moist grass
So well unknown