The Right Thing by Jason Damman

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She betrays me every day,
Of every minute,
In every way.
She thinks that I'm wrapped around her little finger,
I don't like her anymore, my feelings like a cinder.
Burns bright for a night but burns out,
I'm full of doubt.
Should I have ended this relationship that I had with her?
If I hadn't I'd always end up with this feeling of hurt.

You'd have done the same thing if you were in my position,
She never even loved me, she never really listened.
I think what I did was definately the right thing,
We were together, she still had one night flings.
She cheated and she beated,
With her harsh cruel words.
I had her back for seconds,
I took her back for thirds.

I need to stand up for myself,
Every once in awhile.
Perhaps if I did,
I'd have a reason to smile.
Next time I'll think before another relationship,
Now I'm not so blind, my brain is not so thick.

Jason Damman
Copyright 2005