Soul Speak by B. Rocha

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Within the forest, standing alone,
She inhales as he walks past.
So handsome is he, his wings jet black,
His muscles ripple off the wings on his back.

"Please, look at me!" She whispers aloud,
Willing him to turn around.
Yet he stands there so stately, at the edge of the pool.
To be able to speak-without sounding like a fool!


As he gazes within the pool so deep,
He wonders how it came this far.
His feelings for her have become passionate, more.
Is he also the one she's been looking for?

Acutely aware of her presence known,
He slowly turns around.
Taken aback by her countenance divine,
All he could do was to whisper, "you are mine."


As they look at one another, she cannot help
Except for to think of what he must be there for.
'At this late hour?' she thought-allowing her mind to wander,
Smiling shyly as her feelings for him grew stronger.

'He could not possibly be here for me," she thought.
Yet, there he was, walking slowly towards her.