Beware The Grud by Jake Forster

Children of all ages,
Listen up and listen good,
For not listening to this cautionary tale,
Will surely make you a meal of The Grud,
What I say to you is true,
So pay attention is what you must do,
Back in the year of 1884,
In a little village called Pondpore,
There lived a boy who liked to misbehave,
His refusal to follow instructions was a problem most grave,
One cold night Christmas Eve,
Because his mother had told him not to,
The boy who liked to misbehave,
Headed down to the river Honotew,
This river ran through all of Pondpore,
And it was where The Grud had eaten the boy's dad,
But this disfigured monster preferred to eat misbehaving kids,
Because of the flavour they had,
So it burst through the ice,
And the boy tasted nice.

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