Awaken by freddie higgleton

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I awake laying face down on a dirty mattress on a creaking bed,
I turn over slowly with a thumping pain inside my head,
The room is dark and I can feel its damp and cold,
And there's a strong smell of dirt and mould.

My eyes slowy adjust to the lack of light,
Then at once a crash... that gives me a fright,
The floor boards creek and glass is broken,
Then i can hear above some words spooken.

"HELP... help he's gonna kill me" a woman cried,
Then the sound of rattling as doors are tried,
I think to myself what's going on and where am I,
And who's upstairs thats going to die.

Then i recall opening a door and being hit from behind,
Slowly more broken fragments come back to mind,
Then as I sit up remembering with glee,
There is no need to fear because the killer is ME.