My Heart is Still Forever Yours by Jared Marsh

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My Heart is Still Forever Yours

I havenít given up on loving you
I thought I would be able to stay with you forever
I gave you my world, my life, my love, and my tears
And in return you brought me only tears and pain
Do you even care that all my life was for you
If I died tomorrow would you even shed a tear
Will our love ever go back to the way it was
Will I ever be able to embrace you in my arms once more
What I would give to feel the touch of your soft lips
And to be able to stare into your eyes and tell you I love you
My heart will still be forever yours
Although a piece of me is gone forever
I wake up only to find myself dreaming of you
But that dream slowly fades away
You were my everything and you made me feel alive
Never forget the time we spent together
Or the love we once shared
If only you knew the love I held for you
Although you have brought me so much pain
You will forever be in my heart
I am still here clutching onto the memories we once had
Not a day goes by where I donít think of you
And I can only hope that you still think about me