10 by Tia Voth

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Roughly 10 people today will die.
10 who could have been something big.
10 people who took their own lives,
for each one of those there will be 100 attempts.
Death plagues our broken lands.
Children, teenagers, adults, seniors
all trying to take their own lives.

One of 10 was probably bullied,
one needed psychiatric help.
One could have been abused at home,
and another too afraid to ask for help.
The hands of darkness took them away,
before anyone could yell 'STOP'!
Why, is the world so cruel.

10 peoples friends couldn't stop them,
they didn't know, thought it was a joke, or too late.
10 people today died by their own hands,
wishing the life was just a little bit nicer.
10... one of those could have been someone you knew.