Perfect Kisses by Silk Dagger

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Itís dark and quiet
Or maybe not.
It could be in the front
Or back seat of a car.
In the middle of summer
Or the dead cold of a February

The air we share is precious.
Close your eyes baby. Like the
Moment you take in that last
Breath before you jump into a pool.

Your lips are soft, your tongue even
Softer. Air, breath, saliva and souls
Mixing like cake batter. Hearts pound
And body juices cum alive.

These moments arenít promised to us
But we do our best in them.

I canít hear anything, donít see anything
All I can taste is you.

It might not be love for sure, it sure is satisfying.

You sure are beautiful. The daring look in your eye
Before we dove in was all I can see now.

My tongue licks your teeth, your lips grab my lower.
Time has stopped, one time. Period.

The flakes fall on the windshield, they donít last
But are treasured like this moment.