Stumbling in the Dark by S. Frankenstein

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Stumbling in the Dark

The Queen has lost her crown,
It's nowhere to be found.
So in the Jail she sits,
While my brain is throwing fits.

The Heaven Gates are broken
Because I lost my subway token.
Out there I seem asleep,
But in here I'm buried deep.

The crooked streets I wander,
Where the tattered memories flutter,
Searching for that hidden spark,
While I stumble in the dark.

Behind the mental doors I open
Are moments that lie frozen.
Memories I had tucked away
Just to keep my naivete.

You could say they did deceive,
But I wanted to believe;
Crawling through this mental briar,
Who really is the liar?

Every blunder I ever made,
All the steps that went astray,
I must face each and every one,
If this sleep will be undone.

The crown I found at last,
My token home I pass,
"You who wandered are not lost,
But now it's time to face the cost."

So I awake to the unfamiliar ceiling,
Overcome with feeling;
The Heaven Gates are open again,
I do not mind the pain.