Holocaust by Neil Cladingboel

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Suffocating sky fights the seasons
Stars in the night are dying for no reason...

Choking clouds can dissipate, but ever present
As they attempt to purify
Moonlit sky screens bright stars fading;
Chemical rain artificially condenses,
Tarnishing permanately
No silent, nocturnal armies
Of galactic council workers to deceive us
From their masters' destructive mistakes

Atmospheric pressure diminishes increasingly,
Destroying the ionospheric protection
Clean air warriors slowly dying with poisoned lungs
Cancerous gods fight helplessly
With radiated lightning
Metal Messiahs rusting in nuclear snow
Sunlight decaying as the chemical curtain closes
On the dying, global stage

Artificial respirators are absent from the drowning sky;
As Armageddon is preceeded by the final warning,
The Earth prepares to retaliate angrily
And a violent eruption attempts to awaken
A brainwashed society,
Bringing them too late, back to reality

The final unleashing of natural power
From the induced chain reaction
Threatens to swallow those who remain,
But still don't care
Sadly, time and space digests the decaying planet
Whose soil once conceived life itself

Suddenly, a silent succession
Of stroboscopic illumination,
Pausing briefly as a prelude to the crescendo,
Then, an infinite number of minute particles scatter
Like sand in a tornado, disappearing instantly,
Until now, there is nothing


Where is the world our fathers once knew?
Where is the paradise that poisoned the apple
When evolution itself was still an embryo,
Struggling through centuries of timeless knowledge
To create the image of the maker himself,
In the form of man?

This immaculate destiny
To personify the creator
Was given an equilibrium of good and evil
But, development was infinitely limitless
Thus, the ever inquisitive protégé
Strived to become better than his masters,
And rivalled his brothers with covenants to obliterate
Should the inevitable discord approach

Wasting his brothers to gain the highest throne,
The protégé found loneliness and isolation
At the crest of corruption
So, shunned from society, embittered and mad,
The landwaster destroyed
All that wasn't his

The Prince of Darkness, seeing at last,
A free path to conquer, invades with mutant souls,
Vengeful for their premature succession
To the land of the Nosferatu
Silent armies of incorporeal soldiers
Rise in frightening rebellion
Catastrophically devouring
The remnants of the Promised Land.


The weakened creator,
Absent of substantial armaments,
Calls upon Heaven's angels
And the children of the sun
To fight a bloody battle
With the despiser's off-spring,
The grotesque examples
Of mankind's folly

As evil forces prepare to destroy finally
All that is good, an unleashing of chronological power
Traps all frozen, a ghastly parade of tortured statues.
Those who should, remain, those who are no longer,
Return to their polluted graves,
Sleeping now in eternal silence
Nursing their wounds
For a far distant battle

Dead air is purified, wastelands become pastures
As the sun recalls its children
And rises high to light the day
The masters have defeated corruption
And darkness once more,
And creation has yet another chance to survive

The new generations will prosper
But all must heed Satan's warning
For time itself is fast running out,
As the cooling sun slowly fades away...

(From "Tale Spin and Visions of Transition", © 2001, 2003.)