A Walk with Escatology by Guadalupe Gonzales

O mighty nation by the sea true greatness was your destiny
And those who came to be with thee would also share your history
But greater works were done in thee,, to spread my name across the sea,
Broadcast the faith, believe in me the one who gave his life for thee

And for your works I did thee bless to lift you higher then the rest
I perched you high an eagles' nest, from whench to overlook the rest
And gave your homeland, times of rest.

But then you ventured out of me and took a harlot wife to be
This evil system bred with thee, her work is ancient deviltry
The source of all iniquity she webs the richest snares for thee
Her greatest love is currency.

She shares her wealth to those that be, sworn in to her philosphy
Come out of her so you may see her cruelty toward humanity
The bloody cup she holds I see, the blood of saints through history.

Come out of her return to me, for not much longer will it be,
Before my mercys'held from thee.
You've shut your eyes and will not see for now her cancers' whole in thee.
Her shame is now come up to me you've turned your back to forsake me
But for the sake of those in me, I bring to end her dynasty.

Come out my people, Come to me from all the lands gather to me
For now My work is done in thee for you have toiled faithfully
And you have waited long for me, do now take on eternity.
No strife shall come to you from me, much love and comfort will you see,
But how I longed the world to be together with you here with me,
To share in what's prepared for thee.

But now I smite for all to see and will consume her evil tree
That branched across the sea to thee, the whore who reigns majestically
So proudly clad upon the sea, but now her hours' come up to me,
And those who shared and broke with thee will suffer in her bankruptcy,
Of which the world has yet to see.
Merchants afar they mourn for thee from whence their riches came to be,
But no more riches will they see, just smoke that rises from the sea.

A rock from heaven fell to sea, it quaked the earth it fell near thee,
Your shipping ports under the sea, your markets crash
how can this be,
In just one day just misery.

The One who judged her fall to be did not consume the whole of thee
But left you hapless out at sea to be dealt now with worlds' mercy,
And in a world of currency when there's no profit left in thee,
Foreclosure's now your destiny.
So those who once made gain with thee now hate the whore and those in thee,
Because of your finality.

They do cast off their loyalty and now put on community
Of which the beast does oversee.
And in his mind a plot for thee the ruthless beast takes aim on thee,
And when it comes you'll no more be that foul and shameless entity,
Seduced your greatness out to sea, neglected those of need in thee,
And turned your back to forsake me, the One who granted you to be,
The greatest nation yet to see.

Within the veil of mystery, who knows of her identity
But in the time it takes to see, let us all pray for our country,
Do not be proud to bend the knee, no trumpets needed
And God Almightly who all sees, will hold you fast until it be.

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