Ël Pinché by Guadalupe Gonzales

Spanish mythical counterpart to the grinch, maybe?
(To complete the poem, four (not so mythical) rhyming words need to be inserted where ........... (dots) appear.

The room was all laden with gifts for us three, in holiday wrappings underneath the big tree
From my sis to my auntie two golden ear rings, and a gem clustered brooch once worn by a queen
From auntie to sis two priceless heirlooms, passed on by ancestors who rest in their tombs
The gifts that I see they only get better, now here's one for me, an old wrinkled sweater

But where is the gift, it's still out of sight, as soon as I see it I'll jump with delight
They said they agreed, and my heart is now set a fire-engine red, 1960's corvette
I've just found a box, I'm expectantly pleased, just the right size and shape for a set of car keys
I've picked up the box and can not deny, I'm nervous and shaking so much can't untie

I opened the box what this? a clip for tie, what they said they would get me was all just a lie
Curse them I said, with the utmost displeasure, a rage in me now of which there's no measure.
Is this what I get after spending my riches, that hag and her wench those daughters of b......
They've scammed me once more, so little I meant, their gifts I'll return and refund all payment

After giving to them all that they wanted, to get in return, a clip, I ranted
When they trashed my wish and not gave to me, that which I asked for, a set of "vette" keys
I swore that this christmas I'll spoil for them, whatever it takes, I don't give a d...
I've become the Ël Pinché, the mexican grinch, a nasty rude creature the worlds' not known since,

To sis I'll now give a cracked half filled jar, of cheap beauty creme and a smelly soap bar
To auntie some trinkets of metal that rust, and an old stinky hankie all dirty with dust.
But before I am done they'll not soon forget, that their days during christmas, they'll live to regret
So before you decide your pennies to pinch, don't forget of Ël Pinché the mexican grinch

He comes out at christmas and will spoil for them, the selfish, the stingy who don't give a d...
A valuable lesson from two christmas' past, the time is upon us, next christmas at last
To my auntie and sister a card, I'll address, don't forget that this christmas, you can both kiss my a..

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