Break In by Kloe Arnold

How’d they do it?
Can they do it?
Blood is dripping
Eyes are crying
How can they do this?
Have they got a heart?
There she is
On the floor
Why’d they slice her?
She’s in shock
Shes shouts…
Can you help me?
What she gonna do
Lifeless…helpless, a mess
You can’t help her
You just sat and watched.
What’s this world come to?
Where’s the others?
One’s escaped out the backdoor
Another hidden under his bed eyes peaking out
The youngest clung to her teddy bear wishing they’d just leave.
Her wish has come true
They take what they want
They leave the house
The families reunited
Crying, dirty they wipe their eyes
They crawl up the stairs
Sleep tight everything will be alright
By the end of the night everything will be alright.

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