Where are youuuu? by Kloe Arnold

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Is that him?
Everything went silent…
I could hear him!
My heart started pounding.

I had no where to hide
Oh where could I hide!?
Think…think use your head
Under the bed!!

I put my hand over my mouth
So nothing was heard
Where was he?
Where could he be?

Had he left?
Was I safe?
I crawled out and turned my head
There he was stood at the end of the bed!

I screamed so loud that my voice went silent
I ran down the stairs making as much noise as I could

Someone was at the door
I grasped the handle and yanked open the door
I fell to the floor
Clinging to her feet.

Little luke came running down the stairs
With a big grin on his face
Its your turn! He shouted
I knew you’d peek
I always lose at hide 'n' seek.