Teddy's Alive! by Kloe Arnold

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She kissed him goodnight
Snuggling up to him she said
Night night Mr. Tedums don’t let the bed bugs bite

Her teddy Mr. Tedums was her best friend
He never left her sight
Until she went to sleep at night

He got up and crawled out of bed
He left her to rest her head
He picked up a crayon
He started to scribble on all the walls

He looked at the other teddies
And ripped off their heads
Then pulled out their fur
How could he do that he was just a teddy bear
He shouted “DIEEEEEEE”

Little did he know
Kloe had already woken
Just after he had spoken

He jumped up on her lap
He gave her a big hug
There he was
Mr. Tedums
Kloe’s Teddy thug.