The Nightmare Hero by Amin Aun

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The Nightmare Hero

You are the Nightmare Hero.

You have a hero inside you that fights against the ravaging hordes; the nightmare villains that frighten you. I, you, are here to take back the night.

I am your titan; I am the champion to clear your mind. I am your warrior; I am the legend that will stop your nightmares.

I am the savior I am the warrior for your worries. I am the helper I am the healer for your fears.

I have always fought monsters but now I need to fight the nightmares in your mind.

I am the blade of your vengeance, the will of your courage. I silence the false truths and lies in your head. I will free you of blame to help you escape your prison, and destroy the shame in your soul.

You will be warm each cold night, while I fight the swarm that gives you fright, giving you courage when the nightmares come.

I will be there to fight your nightmares, destroying the chaos inside you.

I am the silent whisper to quell all your fears. I am the nightmare hero to wash away your tears.

I am the righteous warrior to make all evil perish. I am the nightmare hero that guards your mind.

I am the calm to make all madness die. I am the nightmare hero that protects your dreams.

I am the guardian of your dreams and sleep. I kill the hellish foes in your being.

I am the killer of unwelcome demons. I destroy unwelcome thoughts.

I will reverse all that is bad for you. I will repair all your dreams that come out sad, fight away and kill all foes that try to drive you mad. By any means you will survive, win, and stay alive.