The Champion by Amin Aun

The Champion

There is one who can stop the nightmares.

There is one who can right wrongs, a champion, who can alter time so that peace lives long.

I am that champion.

I am the one who can never stay dead.
I am the one who lives on and survives. I am the one who is without form who can strike with infinite power. I am the one who is without weakness for pain only makes me stronger and death makes me invincible.

I am a titan of power a philosopher of wisdom and a warrior of freedom.

I am the unconquerable hero that all must hear.

I am a fighter that cannot be denied of my will to live or my passion to overcome, that can only be felt, with the incoming attack.

I am the champion who cannot be defeated by rage, who can never be hurt, by the will of the blade.

These are the things that make me so, that make me defiant against those who think and believe they are gods.

I am the champion of divine retribution who has awakened.

I am the champion of endless strength who has unleashed himself.

I am the champion who is unbound who can never be hindered and is always unfound.

I am the champion of the righteous. I choose my fights wisely so that my enemies always stay dead. I never waver in attack. I am the Nightmare Hero that has no end and is always ready to fight and protect. I am the unconquerable weapon to teach all evil all a lesson. I make those who inflict madness, fear, and rage, feel death, despair, and pain!

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