My Time has Come by Amin Aun

My Time Has Come

My time has come, under the rays of the sun, to be spoken of, by more than one. To be remembered for what I have done.

The long wait, has made me great, so I can be free from all other’s hate. Driving others mad, for all they forsake, keeping others sad, because they are fakes.

The long wait, has helped me grow, by all events, for which to unfold, transpiring around me, for which to be told, to help me on my journey’s road, as I make haste, to reap what I sow, and from the fruits of my labor, break the standard mold.

Skill comes to me because I am without fear, to be forged in my mind with a career, to be hardened with the help of those near and not, to forsake those who are unwilling the hear the voices of blinded seers.

Wisdom comes to me because I am unashamed, to seek help from all who have something useful to say. To grow with will away from those who blame, their own mistakes on I who make my name.

My time has come for all those who wish to hear me and make great the works that will free me, to express myself the way I want people to see me, and made known, by all who wish to meet me.

I am great as my own man, I am made by my own plan, to leave in destiny’s wake a touch of what I am, to leave what I make in the hands of all good women and men.

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