What do You Seek by Amin Aun

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What Do You Seek

What do you seek, from the twilight that is before you?
Do you seek what you have, or want you only crave?
Do you want what can be yours, or what can only be gained?

Or do you need what is yours to receive, because with it you will do your deeds?
Seek glory and immortality. Seek wealth and fame. Seek all of these, but remember that some things fade away.

You are remembered for who you are, what you have done, and most importantly what you leave behind.
You are not what you want, but what you seek, not what you take, but what you give. You are what you need, what is in your fate.

Seek only what you need, for with need comes the path, the path away from all distractions, to lead you on towards destiny. For glory stems from actions, not from vices, not from all that you call riches, it stems from what is in front of you, what you leave behind, for those that follow you.

There is only one true glory, one true immortality; it is the survival of what is created, what is left to be painted, on the tapestry of life that seeks to go on for generations. Survival is immortality.