Tormentors by Amin Aun


Tormenters are demons who spread their madness with their voices inside your head.

They’ll try to take away your true voice and leave you in a state of madness.

They try to make you hear them, listen to them, obey them, respect them; they deserve none of that.

Control and emotions are their weapons. They judge you as if their voice were yours, telling you that everything that you don’t do for them is wrong. They’ll try to make you feel emotions that you shouldn’t. They’ll try to drain you of your passion, for without your passion they’re dead.

Keep your cool in the heat of battle; let them get angry not you. Take away their passion and yours from them. Drive them mad instead of you.

Listen to the voices of reason, understanding, wisdom, knowledge, and sanity. Never listen to the voices of emotion or madness.

There is only one true voice, and it’s your own not anyone else’s. Don’t let them separate your true self from you. You know who you are.

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