Pushers by Amin Aun


Pushers, they’re all around, they think they own this world. They don’t know jack, because without their influence they got nothing to hack. They try to feed on the innocent of life. They’re living a lie if they think they can do that without being seen by our eyes.

They try to push you to do things you wouldn’t, say things you wouldn’t, see and hear things that you wouldn’t, all while making their intentions as subtle and unseen as possible.

Sincerity is their disguise as well as a loud voice, which they can’t hide. They always want to speak to you while trying not to get noticed. They want you to look at them without remembering who they are; that’s when you’ll know.
There’s one thing that they can’t do without giving themselves away. They can only stand behind you, because in front they have no sway. Once you turn around you’ll recognize them for what they are. They’re the ones who want to screw with your mind and are always trying to get you to do what they want.

Never trust a loud voice from the back alleys trying to sell you stuff you shouldn’t believe. Always go to the source, not who or what they make you feel is the real deal. Always know the truth.

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