An Age of Peace by Eolill Mosaw

By the stars, and the moon,
Not a minute too soon.
You must come, and quickly now,
All might be lost because you're late, you mindless cow.

She gives me naught but an annoyed glance,
And I bowed and thought, I took a chance.
My mistress, though scalded, will hear but not admit her wrong,
a good lady she is, though not for long.

Tonight, m'lady, in conspiracy bound,
run lose and bite, you bitch hound.
We will overthrow and be overthrown,
no one can for long this crown own.

And see, though dawn creeps up on us,
yet we are not beaten.
A lady it took, a lady it takes,
safer have naught our people slept and eaten.

A fight for the throne, this story I told,
People's been telling times a thousandfold.
An age of war, an age of men,
by the woman came an age of peace, then.

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