Secret by Jared Marsh

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I wish I were by your side every day and night,
I long to hold you and feel loved in your sight,
I want to stare at you for as long as I please,
Just to look into your eyes and feel at ease.

I wish for you to love me like I love you,
I long to make sure you make it through,
I want to tell you how I feel and need,
Just to see if you’d care, would no longer bleed.

I wish I meant more than the others around,
I long to stop you feeling angry or down,
I want to see you look at me like I do you,
Sometimes I wonder what you’d do if you knew.

I wish that I could be with you, just us, together,
I long to hear you say you’ll stay in this world forever,
I want to reveal and show this secret in my heart,
But what if you reject me, I’ll be torn apart.