In apparition seated by Terry Cummings

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In apparition seated before me
Holding canter we are conformed
Beneath your soil I germinate
Goring, reaching to the sun and the breath
That is you, my purpose, my prize
I conform still to the fold of your horizon
Lost as an orphan, seeking, imploring
That which is you
I am inviolate, I am amnesia

In apparition seated before me
Your glance blesses and lifts my eyes
beholden to you, I struggle forward
Journeying to maintain your keep
Planted within your frontiers reach
To bend to me in your welcome
Insistent as the gavel
Keeping order as I pass tenor judgement
And awaken to the sentence of your jury

In apparition seated at my side
Past us life contorted, counted by
River are we, seeking tender depth
Slowly that we may drift through an age
Two mountains beside worlds ravine
Reaching beneath to feel below our touch
As sun and moon spin past above
And lecture us of eternity