Smallest boat by Terry Cummings

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Seaward vessel, smallest boat
Afloat, alone in velvet sea
Under wave, your wind filled sail
Swollen, tugging canopy

Rise and fall, in rushing swell
Rocks nudging gently every side
Holding rope through straining hand
To navigate past and through this tide

Mounted wave, breaking crest
Rising now your bow
To the stars your timbers raise
Too full the lofted moonlight now

Buffet hard my smallest boat
Unfurl sail, ride, rudder the storm
Wear the rain on drenching deck
Biting down on trembling form

Push toward horizons wet
Memory steering frothing wake
Lost, alone and so afraid
Such sad journey we gladly make

Places far away we seek
My bravest, smallest boat
So far away they may not be
Yet float and far we float

Looking down through chaos clouds
Reaching down from furthest dream
Your trembling form I push want forward
Though tempest waters rise and scream

Lightning strikes away this hope
And all is lost within a blink
Rushing in caressing sea
As gratefully we sink

The storm now seems so far away
Your trembled form to surface keep
As depths caress and draw you near
My smallest boat finds placid sleep