In you in love by Terry Cummings

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One, two, three and four
I count away slowly to ten
Five, six, seven
And still I try
Eight, nine
Not to nakedly stare
At your beauty

Yes, you are talking
And at moments you smile
And a flicker in your eyes
Tells me that you are happy
Then I am warm
And without knowing
I find myself smiling too

One, two, three and four
I have to count once again
Five, six, seven
In case you think it strange
Eight, nine
That I am not breathing
Because of your beauty

If I reach out my hand
To close distance between us
Would you understand?
If I reach out my hand now
Just to touch you
Would you feel me?
As I feel you?

One, two, three and four
I could tell you
That you fill me
Eight, nine
And hollow me

I know only an element of you
A fraction, a tiny glimpse
But even that engulfs my comprehension
I have not the measure
To understand
What I would do were I exposed
To your greater depths
I have been unprepared
For this moment

One, two, three and four
I'm so deeply sorry
Five, six, seven
That I can never be
Eight, nine
Worthy of you

I am alive with you
Buoyed and transparent at last
And I have surrendered myself
So completely to you
I am helpless and lay vulnerable
To that flicker in your eyes
That tells me you are happy
But more I am in awe
Of this feeling