Your skin by Terry Cummings

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Your skin I see: it is a claimed territory
On a far away star
That no man ever had right
To tread

Your skin
Is movement upon you
And beneath my touch
It is as poise upon a breath
That somehow holds

Your skin I feel: It is beyond my senses
It reaches at me
From somewhere else
I will never be able to journey

Your skin
Holds you as glass, tranquil
Delicate in my paw
Its grants too much trust
It finds ways to terrify me

Your skin I taste: It consumes me
Sugar is your sweat and heat
And your hair
Is strawberry

Your skin
Follows your curve
Defines your shape
Shows me the paths
That guide me across your body

Your skin I smell: It enters me
It is the potion of you
The vial of perfume
That holds you within

Your skin mystifies me

In its perfection