In sedate pause by Terry Cummings

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In sedate pause
You are still
And yet I know your movement
It haunts me, with warm remembrance and promise
Now you are gentle
Where before you were force
Now sedate pause

In sedate pause
You smile and sprawl
And I know in that smile
There is hunger below
And it will devour me and feed
As soon as the rest
whispers away
Fragile sedate pause

In sedate pause
Your voice is quieted
Where before there was song
Communicating your need
Screaming forward
Filling the night
Now quiet the pause

In sedate pause
There are reminders
That this is just a pause
A pause is always a pause
We have known this before
We sit on the brink
Of the cliff of the pause

In sedate pause
Our eyes are as one
We are looking through
Into ourselves
To know what will come
To know what we share
In sedate pause

There is more to come