Verbage by Jim Vaughn

Clear, cold, and very concise, conversations like this, are often quite nice.
Loquacious, long winded, verbose at best, conversations like this, make me want to yell, give it a rest.

Vivacious, bubbly, effervescent to me, is how I perceive, that all life should be.

Brooding, ominous, dubious pretext, conversations like this, often leave me perplexed.

Discussing, conversing, using some words, this is communication, itís how people are heard.

Perception, conception, mitigating circumstance, hear what they say, give them a chance.

Revile, denial, and all happenstance, these are the tools, people use for their morality dance.

Do what you say, say what you will, precise terminology, will give them a thrill.

Being fancy, laconic, or full of prose, canít fill your garden, or help grow a rose.

Me, being simple, and often quite plain, I get my point across, without becoming involved, in this game.

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