Specters by Jim Vaughn

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Beyond that space, where the edges of my darkest fears lay, is the dormant memory, of a sun filled day.
It serves not just to light the passage of my consciousness, it keeps me able to find things that have become lost by occurrence, and happenstance.
I rush forward, to those lit corners, in jubilant revelation.
What dwells there, are the memories, which made me who I am.
Far from where my minds eye sees, reality becomes distorted.
In the darkened halls of my mind, I hear condemnation, it drifts unmercifully towards me, as if hounds were released upon my soul.
Specters, ridicule my existence, deceiving me with thoughts of pleasure, hope and joy, only to be drawn back, as I reach out, time, and again.
I know darkness keeps the equilibrium, still I feel the darkness, gaining power.
I Care not what they do, nor do I understand why these beasts have chose me for prey.
Did I not walk through the darkness of my fears, slaying those demons that pursued me, as I pondered my purpose.
I chase these demons, as they once chased me, I drive them deeper into the bleakness of my illusion.
I sit, prostrated before the darkness, I plead, swift, merciful conclusion of this fight.
I bid thee, do, what manifest destiny has for me, before all is lost, setting me adrift upon an ocean of emotional decay, to be forever lost in the swells of time.