Close Encounter by Owen Jones

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He saw her on the beach one day,
Just lying on the sand,
She was very pretty
and he had an urge to hold her hand.

It was a strange feeling,
As feelings tend to go,
His heart was racing fast,
But the world moved O so slow.

He felt terribly awkward,
Not knowing what to say,
She turned and smiled shyly,
He needed to tell her it would be okay.

He did not know from where these words had come,
Nor where they were meant to go,
But he said them even then,
Her replying smile created a sad glow.

In an eternity of recognition,
That lasted but a time,
Their eyes caressed lovingly,
One thought above all, was prime.

That next to the infinite sand,
The timeless roaring of the sea,
You are always you,
And I, I am sadly me.