Wife by Jim Vaughn

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Your words, delicate, full of prose, dictate to me, what I oppose.

The choice of words, that you chose, battered my senses, and offended my nose.

They glide so smoothly, from your face, yet they have hollow meaning, and show no grace.

I want not, what it is you seek, in your mind, I want a peek.

Those little things, in your mind, cause me trouble all the time.

I wish I could say how much for this I pay, but I donít you would listen, anyway.

Its not by choice, or my claim, to make you feel the sting of pain.

I asked that you not impose to me, and soon after, you couldnít let it be.

It was said, that for you to be free, You must first, get rid of me.

I want not this, for my life, yet I want no more, of your strife.

I didnít ask for you to impose standards on me, I just asked, you leave me be

For us to be free, the words would be, accept me as I am,and not who, you think I should be.