wolf by Jim Vaughn

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The silence of the night, surrounds me, its cold, forbidding breath, rolls across me like a wave.

The glacial blue eyes, stare at me with a calmness, I find frightening, yet fascinating.

Our stares locked, I can feel the tension of the moment, engulfing my senses.

I pause, and look away from the danger, only to be pulled back, into this contest of wills.

The air, that separating us, is charged with static, I feel the hairs on my neck, as they stand in the night air.

Suddenly, the night is split, the sound of another wolf, roars, as it echoes off the surrounding hills.

The burning eyes, blazing their way through me, are intoxicating, they make me aware of the perils of the moment.

I sense, rather than hear, another, as it comes to join, this contest we have playing out.

The strong smell, is permeating my senses, it is the smell of destruction and death.

I find the courage, to inch closer, I see the nostrils flare, the teeth beginning to bare.

I stop, and I stand before this creature, of beauty, and death.

Knowing that now is the time, that my life hangs in balance.

I lay down, prostrating myself before this magnificent animal, looking deeply into its eyes, pleading absolution, for my trespass.

A flicker, runs through its eyes, the creature stands, and approaches me, nostril flared, its fetid breath, I can now smell as if it were my own.

I lie on the ground, it circles me, sniffing my body, stopping, only to occasionally paw at the ground.

Probably, more bore out of luck, than by the creature’s submission, it decides, I bear no intentions to harm it.

Suddenly, the wolf springs off, leaving only a trail in the cold night, and the memories of survival in my mind.