Before Nyte falls by I.E Morgan

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By morning, my bed will be warm, my face will be wrinkled, and my hands will be made fragile by my aesthetic masterpieces. As I start to feel quite tired and drift in and out of sleep, my beloved will lay by my right and my children will sit by my left. My life would be a happy one, full of adventure and profundity; it will be one that I would never forget. My friends and family will weep at the sight of my frail state and the ending of my life. Before night falls, my children will ask for an encore of their favorite performer in the play of our lives.
I will be ready to die.
By dusk, I will leave all of my sadness behind. I will tell my children their life stories and look straight into their eyes. I will lift my beloved’s spirit and guarantee that we will meet again and, before night falls, I will kiss him goodnight.
I will see it come to drive me home, back to my father in the heavens—it will stop for me. It will seep into my room as if taking a dip into a hot bath. Slowly but surely, it will end my story. I will feel light-headed and begin to drift to eternal sleep, but I cannot go without “I love you” slipping from my tongue.
I will be ready to die.
Night will fall and close my curtain, leaving all of my sadness behind. Night will fall and relieve my stress and sweep me off of my feet. It will be a strange journey that many have ventured, but have never returned to tell the tale. How I leave is important to me.
Heartbeat slow, eyelids heavy, and I drift away leaving all of my sadness behind.