Universal woman by Shea Bell

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I have an arch in my back, roughly about the size of a quarter moon, and it hurts like I've been carring the weight of the world, bent over fully to cary the full load.
My hair is as wild as the waves of the ocean. It feel like corn silk on a good day, straw on a not so good day.
My eyes are just about the shade of a huge pot of honey, with a voice to match.
Mounds of ample flesh to form the Valleys of the Divine, a playground for Gods, men and children.
Thighs like pilars of granite, lovingly shorned smooth by the mason's skillful touch. He knew I'd like to walk alot.
I have arches in my feet, roughly about the size of a quarter moon, just perfect for my grip on round things, like planets, and a crooked smile to greet what ever I meet on my way through the universe!