For You by I.E Morgan

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The pain has not left my heart
Eating my flesh, the pain takes my blood and the skin swells.
My heart swells and I become red.
I see red in everything around me, in everyone at every place.
My hand canít control the pain that wants to escape so it does all it can do.
The twitches are not enough to heal it.
I canít live my dream yet; Iím getting a blurred vision.
The pain just mortifies it.
The only one that soothes the pain is my love, my true love.
The heat that cools the hate and changes the focus so I can see clearly.
The pain is leaving, soothing the itch on the flesh and the swelling of my heart.
My hand canít control the pain and love so it does all it could do.
This is for my love
My heart bleeds for you