Sermon beach by Terry Cummings

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I met a poet on Sermon beach
And watched him ride the waves inside
Watched him fly with gulls that swoop
Tossing pebbles with his mind

I met a man on Sermon beach
Who stood against the wind and smiled
Who brought the sun into his stare
And pushed the silver from the moon

I walked along for a little while
And tried to feel the pain, the grace
I tried to scream inside a smile
And walk beside those broken step

By pass, we came upon some more
Each with there treasure locked and chaste
Each with a secret being within
Each with a torment blossom hue

I saw him look at innocent eyes
And see the ache that once will spill
Strawberry fresh envisaged rot
To here behold and see right through

I left a man on sermon beach
A poet in all there but his mind
I fell away from Sermon beach
And left the journey far behind