Drift Astray by Justin Thomas Squires

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Drift Astray

This home is empty. The walls barren and the windows now gone. This was my home, this is where I had lived. Why do I, must I revisit this place. I had left here with what had seemed long ago yet I have returned. Why? Why must I trail back through the trials of unnecessary abuse and conflict between ones self and the force that binds him? I must escape this place and no longer trail off the path in which I have chosen for my prosperity and myself. I have chosen once again but is my will strong enough. Can I hold this key and place it into the door of my new home without trembled fingers. I must, must escape. And I will. Motivation drives the weak, and sanity drives the strong. I am weak yet I am strong, on this path I belong.

-Justin Thomas Squires
“Redeem thyself.”

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