In Search Of God by Mike McWade

I once traveled around the world
In search of a supreme being
Be it Allah, God or Zeus
The one that is all seeing

I searched for proof, just one sign
I searched in many lands
In South American rain forests
And the Saharaís desert sands

I sailed across the seven seas
And trekked The Northern Snows
I asked every wise man
Of any proof he knows

Some said the winds that blow the trees
Some said the birds that fly
Some said they see him in everything
They can behold with their eye

One told me that there is no proof
That faith is what you need
That if you are willing to follow him
God will take the lead

I continued on my journey
Not finding in my heart
The proof that I needed until
I retuned to where I did start

Because waiting for me there
Was a very faithful friend
Who said that she would wait for me
Until my journeys end

And when I looked in to the eyes
Of the woman that I love
I had the proof I searched the world for
That there is a god above

So make your journey if you must
But itís at home youíll reach your goal
Because in the eyes of the one you love
Youíll find the proof that warms your soul

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