Stolen Humanity by Morgan Le Fay

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a disorted grin reveals your true self.
a midnight blue can love no one else.
stalk your prey.
choose your victories wiseley
your victims do not all yield.
a black rose, abandoned and alone
in an amber wheat field.
a golden iris looking out from under a lid.
who are you watching?
place your dagger in your opponents.
is there no one left to avenge?
hunt those who stole humanity,
who tamed it to thier will.
your angry heart gains no peace.
you damn them for their sins
but remember you also survive by the kill.
is this all that you fight for, a broken past?
be weary that your enemies are plentiful
but your terrain is vast.
sleep vampiric child, sleep and now rest.
the daylight wavers and until dusk
there shall be no more innocent
blood spent.