Mother, A Beautiful Black Queen by Blossom Mack

You are a beautiful black queen.
You've raised our poor kingdom without any king.
So strong, and smart, an incredible human being.
Helping me, holding me, and guiding me through all the things I've seen
Showing me the way, pushing me forward, and helping me stand
Giving me strength, being my right-hand.

I could never see life without you
Days will be filled without joy, sick from the burden
Not being able to see your heaven sent smile, or cry on your shoulder when I need a rescue
The devastating thought leaves my world blurry unlike any bourbon
I am no psychic, but I can still foretell
I could never survive your undisputible farewell

Mother you are a beautiful black queen
The most overwhelming I've ever met
Aging beautifully, growing wise and being serene
Not in a history book, but a Queen I'll never forget
No Cleopatra, or Elizabeth, but still I am proud you are my mother
There could never ever be any other . . .

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