Just A Friendly Reminder by Blossom Mack

Time was passing by
And I thought of you
Funny how you crossed my mind
Even funnier how the thought of you made me feel
I couldn't help but smile
Regardless, of the fact we've only known each other for a short while
I've grown to love and respect all the things you do
Some feelings for the sake of you and I, I will continue to conceal
We spent everyday together until I had to say goodbye
I went back to the lover, I left behind
And you, to the life you lived prior to my arrival
We got so close within the short deadline
In the brief, but special time we've accumulated
I will cherish those moments, and I will never forget
This is just a friendly reminder
To tell you that I will always want you to be in my future
To age with me in time, sweetened by aged like wine
And that you are treasured like a virgin's first sunset
Yearned for like Eve Vs The Apple
And you cause my mouth to water and wish you could be tasted

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