The Zodiac by Patricia Todd

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The Zodiac

In Constellation gained a portrait of a man,
These lyric orbs loud chime in airy stanzas,
That might, and might not, the substance of a mind reveal,
And action in the worldly scene portend.

How discernment of the cosmic clusters differ,
From aged crone in chivalrous days long hence,
To packaged, marketed columns to the masses thrown,
In every daily's routine bought and thought,
Actual governance over life's paths sown.

Twelve icons slowly traverse the heavenly girdle,
Slung about the Earth's mantle skewed,
More brightly shining through well known praise,
And proffered as a gift to each and every age.

Each set of stars at birth stuck fast,
And named the Sun's main trait of mind,
The Planets in their discourse having also sway,
The forming of the man in kind.

Of Elemental traits there are four,
Which Fire, Earth, Air and Water are,
Much governance in actions sway,
The clashing choices on lives lay.

And so the journey of the Signs begins,
The March Equinox hales Earth's new orbit,
In convex bulge twice tides oblige,
And warming rays bring forth the Spring.

In Aries find we the pioneering spirit,
The Ram seeks adventure where energy abounds,
Dynamic, quick-witted but selfish to boot,
The impulsive, impatient wants to rule the roost.

Taurus the Bull is warm-hearted and loving,
Persistent, determined with objective attained,
His jealousy and posessiveness are inflexibly gained,
He is mightily determined and proud to be fine.

The Twins are adaptable and so versatile,
With mercurial wit they charm their way out.
Geminian eloquence and intellect shine through,
But the shadow of cunning and superficiality,
Makes for a nervous and tense few.

The sign of the Crab loves domesticity best,
Emotional and loving they imagine the rest,
Shrewdness and caution are watchwords here too,
Their moods and clinginess are nothing but new.

Then Leo who's generous and warm-hearted,
Creative and enthusiastic Leonine traits,
Bossiness and intolerance are displayed,
But adoration and charisma taking centre-stage.

Though practical and diligent the Virgoans are,
They have virtues in detail and are modest and shy,
Though worry and perfectionism sometimes mar,
They are meticulous and reliable as read in the stars.

The high point of the Seasons, Libra stands aloft,
Whose idealism and peaceableness sets them apart,
Romantic and charming doesn't make this sign soft,
Flirtations a-many and indulging every whim,
In general this sign is not long of limb.

Powerful and passionate the Scorpion is,
Emotional and intuitive this sign is designed,
Whilst secrets and obstinacy are to be found,
They're determined and forceful all the year round.

Sagittarius the Centaur is optimistic and jovial,
Is intellectual and philosophical if put to the test,
But can be tactless and restless as negative is,
Also freedom loving and creative when at their best.

Saturnine is Capricorn, dour and grey,
Practical and prudent , patient and careful,
Respecting nothing but the conventions of the day,
They're miserly and grudging in their turn too.

The Man that bears the Watering Pot,
In general Aquarians are at home with their lot,
Humanitarian and inventive they are in their estate,
But intractable, contrary and unpredictable can be innate.

The final cluster where Pisces dwells,
Where imagination and sensation timely swells,
Compassionate and kind this other-worldly sign,
Is escapist and idealistic, secretive and vague,
From time to time.