Memories by Bonnie Shover

I wrote this over twenty years ago as a result of a teenage romance breaking up. In 2001 a co-worker of mine lost her husband to a rather quick form of cancer and I had just come across the poem. (from an old high school newspaper). Instead of sending her flowers, I printed the poem with an angel kneeling in prayer as a backdrop. I signed it and had it matted and framed. From that moment on this poem took on a whole different meaning. She still has it on her living room wall and she tells me it brings her great joy when she reads it. I never intended this poem to become a memorial poem but it has. I have subsequently given it out to family and friends after their loss. Most recently it was sold at auction to benefit the 2005 graduating class. I only give them out signed. I am tracking the recipients because the poem has such special meaning to me.


Your eyes no longer watch me,
And that precious smile is gone.

Your hand no longer holds mine,
But the memories still live on.

And the memories keep me going,
When I don't think I can cope.

Just thoughts of brighter yesterdays,
Can give me brand new hope.

So when I start to miss you,
I lift my head and smile.

I remember all the love we shared,
And that makes life worthwhile.

Bonnie Serignese

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