Shade Of Gray by Blossom Mack

When I look into your eyes,
I wonder what my eyes discover.
Is it a beautiful shade of blue or a rare light shade of gray?
Many different shades to you
They are so hard to distinguish
Secret passages where my access is denied
No matter how long I stare
Everything's black and I cannot see through your disguise
Reaching exhaustion, as the search grows fiercer
As I try to see through the delusory layer you portray
Persistent, praying you will let me through
Longing and hoping I could take you out of the blue and emotional anguish
Heart, mind trying to survive the rollercoaster ride
But you won't allow me to completely care

Fruitless, no matter how hard I try
You try to be practical and keep things simple
Loving me, touching me yet keeping a safe distance
Trying to prepare, building a stronger shelter for the downpour
Dark, lonely, and gray clouds your heart forecast
Waiting, hiding from when it's time for you to have to depart
Fertile, young, pretending the grass stays green
Smoking, living reckless, never low, living to get high
Major lost has your world spinning, angry at the bible
Trying to love and be happy in her absence
Blind and confused trying to find yourself once more
Keeping things in, trying not to relive the hurtful past
Trying to save, and fortify your shattered heart
Dreaming one day your world will no longer hurt, but be serene

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