To Hell And Back by Rob Critten

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Weary legs have dragged blistered feet
across smouldering desert sands.
Where the sun kisses moving mountains.
On that same sun's rays you descend
on kayak ablaze, waving hands.

Burstings lungs have carried blackened toes
up and down the earth's tallest peaks.
Where the snow exaggerates every step.
Off that same snow and ice, your
voice echoes, and of hope it speaks.

Rubber arms have paddled discouraged heart
through the deepest darkest seven seas.
Where the jellyfish and bluebottle scourge and sting.
With that same sting and aganozing scourge
your heart calls out 'please'.

From all this I return to a place.
Sandy dunes, rolling mountains, stormy seas
The peace that insulates me, comforting.
Aware my feet are firmly grounded.
from this didstance I cannot fall.