DRAGON OF CHANGE by Walter Mallon

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The beautiful princess stands facing the Breather of Fire.
Taken aback is the Great Dragon, captivated by her beauty.
She waves her wand, and he gives way.
The Venerable Dragon that all have failed to slay.

Pitying the Great Creature, the princess stares into his eyes.
This Mighty Beast has done no evil.
Drove into hiding, the Great Dragon has been caged,
and shall remain a prisoner into the next age.

The princess has a gift of understanding unequaled by the common man.
She sees the pain in the Beast's eyes and his yearning to be free.
For man has drawn the blood of his newborn at the feet of his fallen mate.
Now the Dragon is alone, left to his miserable fate.

But the Beast is of no harm,
and has been chained for too long.
He has no place to wander and only time to think.
He is given very little food and nothing to drink.

One day the princess will set the beast free,
and he will plant a new seed to grow.
For the Beast will no longer be the Breather of Fire.
But shall become a man of a good sire.